Price Community Family History Center to Have Open House


The Price Community Family History Center will be having an open house during International Days to educate the community on the resources available to them.

The center, owned and supported by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, focuses on helping the community find their ancestors history with local resources.

Leland Gotfredson, director of the center, has been reorganizing the building to make it more inviting to the community. He said he hopes the center will be a welcome place for more than just members of the LDS church. “(The center) may be owned by the church, but this is for the community,” he said. “We’re members of the community and we want to help others in the community with their family search. This is their history too.”

Professional genealogist Robert Berry volunteers at the center and said there are plenty of resources available to the public. “We have a library of books of the community, old photographs from the early 1900’s, records for cemeteries, obituaries dating back to 1940, trained people to help and the family search premium website is free in the building,” he said.

During International Days, the center will be open for the public to see the changes that have been made as well as find out about their own family history.

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