Price Community Gardens Taking Root


Local citizens and state-wide partnership plant trees

Price City Press Release

Braving less than ideal weather conditions, nearly 100 people endured the rain, wind and mud on Saturday to plant trees in the Price City Community Gardens.

“It was a bit of challenge,” noted Mike Kourianos, Price City Mayor, “but the turn out was overwhelming. People in the community are really excited about the community gardens and it was great to see so much support.”

Ivory Homes donated 30 trees to Price City as part of Ivory Homes’ commitment and effort to plant 30,000 trees across the state of Utah. Ivory Homes partnered with TreeUtah, a non-profit entity, who has planted over 350,000 trees in the state of Utah with the help of over 165,000 volunteers and donors.

Located on the corner 300 East 100 North, the Price City Community Gardens is a collaborative effort involving Price City, Utah Power & Light Credit Union, Rocky Mountain Power, Castleview Hospital, the Southeast Utah Association of Local Governments and Utah State University.

“We’ve been working on this project for some time now and it is really coming together,” Kourianos said. “All the partners in the project have been great to work with.”

Along with the trees that were planted, the grow boxes were filled with material in anticipation of future plants.

An official opening of the gardens and celebration is planned for the end of June.

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