Price Lions Club Sponsors Third Constitution Bee at Creekview Elementary


The Price Lions Club recently sponsored a third constitution bee of 2014, this time at Creekview Elementary. Fifty-one fifth grade students participated in the event.

Copies of the constitution were distributed to fifth grade students prior to the competition. The students studied and competed against one another in the classroom before being selected to compete in the competition.

Leonard Miller, Jeff Hill and Ben Baldanado from the Price Lions Club were in attendance as well as Price City Council member Layne Miller.

The Price Lions Club donated $150 to be awarded to the top six contestants of the constitution bee.

Paxton Kimber finished in first place, Janzie Jensen in second place, Lexy Webster in third place and Syndey Orth in fourth place while Brynlei Luke and Pedro Grimaldo tied for fifth place.

Other students that competed in the Constitution Bee were Adriane Carlson, Alexis Manzo, Ayden Manzanares, Boden Alderson, Brylee Campbell, Caden Andrews, Carson Saccomano, Chloe Monson, Daniel Dougal, Davyn Madrigal, Dylan Emerson, Elizabeth Payan, Gabby Straugh, Garret Bryner, Izzy Anderson, Jackson Griffeth, Jackson Smith, Jacob Vasquez, James Castro, Janet Torres, Javier Barajas, Jaylan Leautaud, Jeremiah Anglesey, Jordan Fossat, Justin Hancock, Kaiden Blackam, Kamrynn Roberts, Kyzer Dotson, Kaytie Johnson, Lindsey Jespersen, Lyndee Mower, Madisen Justesen, Mckenzie Shepherd, Michael Schmitz, Molly Banks, Nick Clark, Peyton Kimber, Pierce Bryner, Salix Shirley, Shaylee Davis, Tacie Larsen, Tenley Madsen, Tyrca Jaramillo, Willow Stringham and Zac Chappell.

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