Price Man Named as Foster Father of the Year


2015 Utah Foster Care Chalk Art Festival

From left to right: Jodi Juretich, Utah Foster Care Board Chair, Bret Cammans, Foster Father of the Year for the Eastern Region, and Tonya Myrup, DCFS Deputy Director.

Five foster fathers are recognized throughout the state each year for their outstanding contribution to children in foster care. Bret Cammans from Price was one of the five to receive the honor this year. Cammans was presented the award for Foster Father of the Year for the Eastern Region in Salt Lake City on June 20 at the Utah Foster Care Chalk Art Festival.  

Bret and his wife Janarie have been foster parents for four years and have had over 20 children in their home since becoming licensed,” Kobi Prettyman from Utah Foster Care shared. “As members of the fire department, they witnessed a variety of difficult situations that young children were in and recognized the need to help children in our area. They decided to become foster parents to help these children.”

Prettyman explained that Cammans and his wife have helped many children return to their parents or transition to kinship or adoptive families. The couple is now preparing to adopt a child themselves.

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