Price McDonald’s Offers College Reimbursement Program


USU Eastern Press Release

“We are always hiring good people, especially those who need flexibility,” said Sherrie Dodge. The flexibility she is talking about is attending college classes while working a minimum of 15 hours a week. An additional caveat to this flexibility is her employer gives a $2,500 tuition assistance to its employees after 90 days on the job to attend those classes.

The employer is McDonald’s, a company Dodge started working for almost 38 years ago while a Michigan high school student. As supervisor of operations for the Price and Ephraim stores, she is excited to announce the Archway to Opportunities program to help McDonald’s employees afford a college education.

Each year, employees are eligible for a $2,500 tuition assistance allowance; managers $3,000. They can use this funding at a community college, four-year college or trade and technical school. There is no lifetime cap on tuition assistance, allowing McDonald’s employees to pursue their education and career passions at their pace.

She hopes that USU Eastern students will take advantage of this program because at least 15 positions are open at the Price McDonald’s. Students need to apply online to work at McDonald’s at They start at $8.50 per hour. “Most of our employees at the Price store make at least $10 an hour.”

In-state tuition at USU Eastern is $3,376 per year. With the $2,500 tuition assistance allowance, a student who works at McDonald’s would have to pay $876 out of pocket to attend the university two semesters.

Leadership skills and high standards are two qualities Dodge looks for in her employees. She also likes outgoing and friendly employees with great social skills.

The flexibility of working hours is a bonus for McDonald employees who work, attend classes plus enjoy friends and family. “We want students to know that we will work with their class schedules, so attending classes is a priority. By working at McDonald’s, the employer helps pay for those classes.”

“It’s nice to be part of this community to help make it a better place,” Dodge said. “My phone number is on every receipt so customers have access to call me. If something is not right, I can change it and that is a good thing in this business model.”

She likes to quote the owner of the Price McDonald’s, Tony Broadbent, whose philosophy is making a plan, working your plan and finally working to live.

Contributing to the three Ronald McDonald houses in Salt Lake City is another aspect McDonald’s supports, she said. The funds raised locally go directly to the Utah Ronald McDonald houses.

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