Price Native to Resurrect Local Biking Club


Pictured: The Wix Plaza Annex in Price where the club meetings will be hosted.

Biking has long been a passion for Price-native Richard Morley. After a 4×100 university relay in Sydney, Australia that left him with a ruptured achilles’ tendon at the age of 38, Morley found himself turning away from his running shoes and to his bicycle for a new form of exercise and entertainment.

“Running was a favorite sport,” he admits. “But biking is less damaging to joints. That’s how I got into biking.” Morley has proven time and time again his love for the pastime, from riding to Vernal from his hometown in order to inspire the local football team to secure a win on the field to taking part in a 618-mile biking celebration in conjunction with Utah’s centennial celebration of statehood.

In 2010, Morley extended this passion to members of his hometown, offering all a chance to take part in a club focused on biking in Carbon County and building camaraderie, physical conditioning as well as improving participants’ longevity.

After a small siesta due to health concerns, Morley is excited to once again offer the club to interested members of Carbon County. Morley has decided to name his club the Young at Heart Bike Club. Focusing mainly on street biking and targeting those who may otherwise not want to try a sort of physical fitness club, Morley is sure that his club will offer all a chance to better themselves.

“They don’t have to be bikers, they don’t have to be experienced,” he expressed. “We’ll start slow and then we’ll establish some goals. They may want to do something more ambitious as the summer moves along.”

Morley is proud to offer such a tailor-made atmosphere to those interested. Interested persons may attend one of two meetings at Morley’s Biking Club House at the Wix Plaza Annex located on 202 North 200 East on April 6 and 13, each at 6:30 to register. The first ride will be on Saturday, April 16 at 10:30.

Those with questions are encouraged to contact Morley directly at 801-749-2853.

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