Price Parolee Arrested for Possession of Weapons and Narcotics


PCPD Press Release

On 11-4-15 at 12:30 at 357 S 100 W #9 in Price, Price City Police Det. Pugliese was called to assist Adult Probation and Parole Agents at the residence of 34-year-old probationer Matthew L. Bowman. The agents had been conducting a home visit and discovered Mr. Bowman to be in possession of illegal narcotics, other contraband, a fully loaded semi-automatic handgun, and a Samurai Tanto sword/knife (designed for close combat situations). As a convicted felon, Mr. Bowman is a Category I restricted person and not allowed to possess firearms or other dangerous weapons.

Bowman was arrested by Det. Pugliese and booked into the Carbon County Jail on the following felony charges: Possession of a firearm by a Category I restricted person, Possession of a dangerous weapon by a Category I restricted person, and possession of Methamphetamine. He was also booked on the following misdemeanor charges; possession of a scheduled 4 controlled substance (Tramadol), possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana, and unlawful possession of another’s identification documents.

The Carbon County Attorney’s Office will screen the report to determine what formal charges will be filed against Bowman. The Adult Probation and Parole agents also placed a 72-hour hold on Mr. Bowman.

Mr. Bowman has 11 previous arrests including distribution of a controlled substance and possession of controlled substance convictions.

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