Price Police Play Role in Identifying Alleged Criminal


Price City Police was able to play a key role in identifying a criminal who has been targeting stores across Utah and the surrounding areas. The culprit, Jimmy Jack Olson, has been allegedly targeting games where people are able to pay a small fee and try to win a prize such as a stuffed animal. Olson has been breaking into them and stealing the change used to pay the game’s fee. There are also allegations against Olson in shoplifting cases, Price City Police Captain Bill Barnes explained.

The Price City Police received an email from Unified Police Department with a visual of the criminal which was then sent to local detectives. Price City Detective Chris Pugliese recognized Olson and brought it to attention. Dave Wilkinson, also a Price City detective, then followed up on Pugliese’s observation, confirmed Olson’s identity, and sent the information to Angie Hunter, a lead detective from UPD.

From that point on, UPD officials were able to take further action. Keep watch on ETV 10’s website for further news regarding this case and others at

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