Price Police Respond to Report of Suspected Bomb


Price City Police and a bomb squad from Utah County were dispatched to the wooded area near Pinnacle Nursing and Rehabilitation Center on Friday after receiving a call about a suspected bomb.

According to Price City Police Captain Bill Barnes, a strange device was found by children in the area. After looking through an unoccupied tent, an object with batteries and wires was found by the children, who then took the suspicious device to the nursing home to be inspected by personnel.

Pinnacle Nursing and Rehab personnel removed the device from the building, putting it in a neighboring field. Police were then paged to the scene.

According to Captain Barnes, authorities could not identify the object, either. The bomb squad from Utah County then responded to inspect the device.

“It was better to be safe than sorry,” Barnes said.

After investigation from the bomb squad, it was determined that the device was a homemade, vibrating personal object designed for pleasure.

The device was returned to the owner following the investigation.


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