*Updated* Price power outage could last for some time


Many north Price residents are without power this afternoon. Stoplights at the intersections of 100 North 300 East and 400 North 300 East are out while homes and businesses along this route are also without power. Surrounding neighborhoods are experiencing the same problem.

Rocky Mountain Power has utility workers looking for the cause of the outage at a substation near Price City Hall. Workers were unable to comment on the cause of the widespread outage, but did advise that it will be sometime before service is restored.

The power outage began at approximately 11 a.m. Tuesday morning. Several businesses including Desert Wave Pool and USU Eastern Prehistoric Museum are all closed due to the outage.

*UPDATE* Power was restored in Price at approximately 3:30 p.m. Tuesday afternoon. After nearly a four and a half hour outage, crews were able to temporarily fix a substation line. According to the Price City utilities department, a main line failed at the Price City hall substation. Rocky Mountain Power crews have accessed the situation and made a temporary fix which is expected to last throughout the night. Crews will need to temporarily disconnect power once proper equipment is available to permanently fix the substation line.

Price City will contact ETV10 News with updated information which will be passed along to readers. The permanent fix and temporary power outage is expected to take place sometime Wednesday.

According to the city utility department, approximately 750-800 Price city power connections were affected by Tuesday’s outage.

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