Price Raptors Forgo 2020 Season


ETV News stock photo by Jeff Barrett

Price City will be without representation in the American Legion Baseball League for the first time in over a decade. Due to the world-wide pandemic, the 2020 season was already in jeopardy, and even the best efforts proved futile.

Once restrictions began to be lifted, head coach Willie Ellington started looking at multiple options; however, various problems arose during this process. Several players that were planning on playing with the Raptors opted to sign-up for other activities when doubts of a possible season occurred.

The lack of players was not the only obstacle as USU Eastern is still completely closed down, leaving the Raptors without a home. The Raptors have played at Carlson-Colosimo Field, sharing it with the college, whose closure added another layer of difficulty.

Ellington considered the possibility of a road-only schedule, forcing the team to travel several times per week while playing doubleheaders exclusively. He was worried about the toll this would take on his young players, especially with a depleted roster. Therefore, Ellington ultimately came to the conclusion to forgo the 2020 season entirely.

Although there were many hurdles to leap this year, Ellington and the Raptors are still looking forward to getting back onto the field in 2021.


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