Price Resident Publishes Book to Help Readers Better Themselves


Kate Galliett, a movement specialist, fitness trainer and Price resident, has recently published her first book, which educates readers on how to feel better overall, get rid of pain and become a stronger person.

This book is titled “Becoming Unbreakable: How To Build a Body You Love To Live In” and is available in Galliett’s website and Amazon. Galliett has worked in her field for over 20 years in conjunction with groups and individuals both in-person and online in order to teach them how to heal aches and pains, build strength and improve old injuries.

Galliett has personal experience in painful, aching movements and joints, and she was able to heal herself, thus turning her work outward and assisting others to do the same.

“I’m so excited for my fellow Carbon County residents to read this book,” said Galliett. “I love helping people make it so their bodies can keep up with their adventures and activities they love to do. Whether it’s heading up into the mountains or desert on the weekend, playing pickleball in town, taking care of yard work, or anything else, I want folks to feel like their body is never holding them back from doing the stuff they love.”

Visit Galliett’s website for more information on her book and journey. The website also features a way to sign up for her newsletter and to read submissions from those who have worked with Galliett to better themselves and their lives.

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