Price River Water Improvement District Continues to Test Scofield Algae Levels


PRWID Press Release

In an ongoing effort to inform the public with good information, and in an effort to correct rumor and overstatement of facts, the Price River Water Improvement District reports that there are continuing high levels of blue-green algae visible and measured as well as high levels of Microcystin Toxin levels in the Scofield Reservoir and immediately below the dam.

There was a significant fish-kill in the reservoir over the August 27, 2016 weekend where estimated numbers are in the thousands. A few waterfowl were also affected. Most of the concentration of dead fish are in the northern part of the reservoir and up into the Madsen Bay Area.

The Utah Department of Environmental Quality, Utah Division of Drinking Water, Southeastern Utah Health District, Price City, and Price River Water Improvement District are monitoring the exchange of information as to the effects of the algae bloom and its associated affects. Additionally, we are following the testing protocols and results of those tests to ensure protection of public health.

The drinking water supply is carefully monitored and PRWID recently installed the additional capability of treating the supply with ozone specifically to reduce and remove algae and its precursors.

Sampling in several areas will continue to ensure the safety of the drinking water system as the prevention of any toxins entering the drinking water systems are the highest priority.

For questions about exposure at Scofield Reservoir, call Poison Control at 1-800-222-1222 or the Southeastern Utah Health Department at 435-637-3671.

For questions about the drinking water supply, please contact PRWID at 435-637-6351.

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