Price’s Newest Eatery Discussed by Planning and Zoning Commission


The Price City Planning and Zoning Commission met on Monday evening to tackle a variety of items.

During the meeting, Ron Brewer, manager of the Price City Water Treatment Plant, prepared a virtual tour of the plant for the council. Brewer presented a slideshow in the step-by-step process that his job entails. He had many pictures and described each one with the process of what the plant does. He explained the process of cleaning the water along with showing where those actions take place. The council members expressed their gratitude to Brewer for coming to the meeting to take them through the virtual tour.

Next on the agenda list was Juniper Pizza, a new restaurant planning to open its doors within the upcoming month. Sherry Nehl presented her plan for the upcoming pizza place, which will be located in the former Silver Dollar at 40 West Main Street. The plan is to have the eatery open by the end of October or early November, Nehl explained. Original plans were slightly set back following a surgery Nehl underwent, but are back on track.

Juniper Pizza outlines that it will be open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. five days per week, most likely Tuesday through Saturday. It was explained that this is just the preliminary plan, but there could be more brought to the eatery in the future.

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