Princesses Crowned at Green River Pageant


By Lexie Huntington

Fifteen contestants competed in Green River’s Fourth Annual Princess Pageant on Saturday night. There were five contestants in the Tiny Princess, Little Princess and Junior Princess categories.

During the pageant, each girl had the opportunity to compete in personality wear, perform a talent and walk across stage with an escort during the evening gown competition.

Between the talent and gown walk competition, Miss Huntington and Miss Emery First Attendant Aspen Hansen had the opportunity to perform their talents. After the gown walk, more performances were given by reigning princesses Hanna Silliman, Callie Pfander and Kambre Brewer.

At the end of the evening, Quianna Quintana was crowned second attendant, Jessica Norman first attendant and Gracie Burnett was crowned princess in the Tiny Princess category. In the Little Princess category, Taylor Burns was crowned second attendant, Abbigail Erwin as first attendant and Yuvana Panchal was crowned princess. Kallie Brewer was crowned second attendant, Kaidence Meadows first attendant and Lillian Giles was crowned princess in the Junior Princess category.

“It was fun, and I look forward to seeing my friends do it next year,” said princess Giles. 

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