Principal Spotlight: Dina Wise, Bruin Point Elementary


By Bruin Point Elementary Staff

Dina Wise is the principal at Bruin Point Elementary. She has been here for three years. Dina went to school at CEU, USU and SUU, where she received her Masters Degree. She began her career as a teacher at Pinnacle Canyon Elementary where she taught for four years then she went to Wellington Elementary for eight years.

Dina has always had a passion for teaching. She truly loves the classroom environment and it shows. Dina has a way with children. She uses a calm and reassuring attitude when dealing with students. She has shared her ideas and positive techniques with the teachers who work here.

The children at Bruin truly love Mrs. Wise.

As a part of the staff, Dina never takes the position that she is superior to anyone. She treats all the employees with respect and kindness. Her attitude is “We are all a school family, let’s treat each other that way.” She has a contagious laugh and she never panics; it’s what makes her uniquely her! Dina is a runner and participates in many marathons throughout the year. The last one being the Cancer Run for the Huntsman Research Center. She always strives to gather a generous donation and she runs for loved ones affected by cancer.

She has a wonderful family. She is married to Matt Wise and they have one son, Zack Wise. She has a lovely daughter-in-law Audrey and five grandaughters. If you know Dina, you know she loves dogs and she has several!!

We are truly very privileged to have Mrs. Wise as our principal at Bruin Point Elementary.


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