Principal Spotlight: Doug Mecham, San Rafael Middle School


By San Rafael Middle School Staff

Doug Mecham is the principal at San Rafael Middle School. He grew up in Firth, Idaho, but has worked in Emery District for 24 years and now calls Huntington home. Though sometimes it’s hard to keep him home, as he likes to travel a lot and is a world traveller. He and his wife Kathy have five sons, two daughters, two daughters-in-law, and four grandchildren. A family man through and through, he lights up and when you get him talking about his family.

Before becoming a principal, he was a history teacher and counselor at Canyon View and a vice-principal at Emery High. In 2012, Mr. Mecham became the principal of San Rafael Middle School. This is a position he soon excelled at.

There are many qualities that make Mr. Mecham a fantastic principal. First, he has a huge sense of community. He is a natural leader, but brings people together to reach agreements about our school and students that are best. He constantly asks, “What can we do together to improve our school, our classrooms, and our students’ environment and learning?” Mr. Mecham works with his faculty and staff, considering all options before reaching a final opinion.

Next, he cares about the students at San Rafael and wants them to succeed while having a great experience at San Rafael. This is evident when he teaches mini French classes, holds assemblies, pancake breakfasts, makes students crepes, and stops his busy day to listen to a student no matter the time of day. Also, he has vision for always improving San Rafael. He was developing our “Be Amazing” slogan in the past and this year he has supported the BARK program where students earn rewards for good citizenship, grades, and respectful and helpful behavior.

Overall, Mr. Mecham loves seeing students succeed, not only at San Rafael, but also when they move on and above middle school.

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