Principal Spotlight: John Jerel Lofley, Cleveland Elementary


By Cleveland Elementary Staff

Jerel Lofley is the Principal at Cleveland Elementary.

Mr. Lofley graduated and began his career teaching in the Uintah District. After several years, he was given the opportunity to return home to Elmo and teach at Cleveland Elementary. He has been in the education system 44 years, teaching fourth, fifth and first grades, with first grade being his favorite. Mr. Lofley became Principal mid-year in 2011.

The word principal can be spelled two different ways… p-r-i-n-c-i-p-l-e and p-r-i-n-c-i-p-a-l-. The p-a-l spelling is very appropriate when describing Mr. Lofley. He is a ‘pal’ to children anytime, but especially when they need a pal the most. Parents respect him for his gentle mannerisms.

During lunch recess, Mr. Lofley can be found outside, on the playground, doing more than his share of recess duties. He loves getting exercise and taking good care of his health. It seems to go hand in hand with children and outdoor activities, thus, he does lunch recess duty everyday. He is on constant call to push a child in the swings. He hangs tetherballs daily, and teaches students how to take care of equipment. He has been seen taking a rare opportunity with a basketball.

Mr. Lofley is a star player during the annual faculty/fifth (sixth) grade baseball game. He knows how to “hit it out of the park” and was once seen making a “dive” for a fly ball! Yes, he caught it too! Mr. Lofley does everything with fairness. The faculty and staff at Cleveland Elementary love and appreciate Jerel Lofley!

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