Principal Spotlight: Yvonne Jensen, Canyon View Middle School


By Canyon View Middle School Staff

Yvonne Jensen has been an educator for 26 years. She holds a major in Botany and a minor in Business. She has a Master Degree in The Art of Teaching and another in Administration.

Mrs. Jensen taught seventh grade for one year at Mont Harmon Jr. High School. She taught science at San Rafael Jr. High School for 18 years. She then moved to Canyon View Middle School where she taught science. Her most recent position in administration is with Canyon View Middle school, where she is Principal.

Mrs. Jensen is known for creating a positive school climate. She is a very positive person and believes with hard work and perseverance she can touch each child in a special way. Keeping the atmosphere positive is the key to her success. She is always praising people for a job well done. She has high expectations for the faculty and students. She knows the importance of a quality education.

Being a visible Principal, the students at Canyon View Middle School have the privilege of getting to know Mrs. Jensen. Hallie Winn an eighth grade student says, “Mrs. Jensen is a good example for the students and shows integrity. She is always kind to other people, but stern when she needs to be stern. She is a good leader and tries her best to make sure her students grow up to be honest and respectful people.”

Another student, Amanda Ivie says, “Mrs. Jensen is funny and very nice. She is always willing to help and she cares about the students. Mrs. Jensen supports the students in what they want to do and helps them build up their confidence.”

Whitley Christensen, an eighth grade student says, “I love Mrs. Jensen because she makes everyone feel like they are loved. She makes sure that everyone is satisfied and feels good about what they are trying to accomplish. If there is ever problem she is right there to fix it and finds a solution. As a principle, Mrs. Jensen is fantastic and we know we are valued.”

Becca Miller, another eighth grade student says, “Mrs. Jensen is a good principal because she likes her job. She is a determined person, is always busy and keeps everything together. She is also very sociable and easy to talk to whether it is something you need to know about school, or we just need to talk to someone.”

As you can tell from the students’ quotes, Mrs. Jensen’s leadership qualities are personable, approachable, but also, has a firm hand to challenge students to do their best. She helps each student attain his or her full potential. The example she sets by caring for the students is appreciated. Mrs. Jensen believes in teamwork and open communication between staff, students, parents and community. Her motto is “Work hard and be nice”. She is loved and respected by all at Canyon View Middle School.

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