Principal Winfree Turned Into PB&J Sandwich by Students


The Castle Heights Knights received a special treat Thursday afternoon. Students who read for the month of December were able to turn principal Chris Winfree into a human peanut butter and jelly sandwich. This act was completed by throwing bread covered in peanut butter and jelly at the principal.

“The kids enjoy it; you can see if they’re having a bad day and they come up and are standing there in front of Mr. Winfree, their whole face completely changes,” said Rachel Staley, PTA President. “Their whole attitude completely changes when they know they get to torture Mr. Winfree.”

The Knights PTA are behind doing anything they can to make reading fun and enjoyable for the kids. This activity was part of the school’s Read Before Bed Program and 90% of the students got to participate in this activity.

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