Prison Relocation Committee Adds Two More Potential Sites


Over 32 new locations were proposed to the Prison Relocation Commission, including a joint proposal from Carbon and Emery counties. However, for now, Castle Country will need to look to other means to diversify the economy.

During their meeting this afternoon, the PRC added two additional prospective sites to the list, but none of the six proposed sites in Carbon and Emery made the cut.

The new list includes plans for an expansion to the I-80/7200 West site in Salt Lake County. The other original sites in Tooele and near Eagle Mountain remain on the list but a site in Cedar Valley near Fairfield and one near SR-138 industrial park, near Grantsville in Tooele County, were the new additions.

Commissioners said these new locations will need an in depth technical evaluation in order to move forward.

The new locations will be taken to the legislature and the governor for a final decision, which is tentatively set for late spring or early summer.

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