Pristine Helper Yards Chosen for Yard of the Month Honors


Helper City’s Yard of the Month awards were given for the month of July on Tuesday afternoon.

The most improved yard went to Clara Romero, Larry Cologie and Romero’s granddaughter, Anna Vigil. Romero stated that when she first moved onto the property, there were many whiskey barrels on site. However, in perusing a multitude of yard sales, Romero and Cologie were able to purchase many items, such as large tires, to repaint and decorate the yard beautifully.

The yard of the month honor went to Evelyn Cervantes, who has curated a perfect balance between grass and a sustainable lawn, which is much-needed in the warmer weather and times of drought. Cervantes stated that she has been able to keep her lawn looking amazing due to the help of her grandchildren.

Those that wish to have their yard featured in the yard of the month awards may nominate themselves for the upcoming months by contacting Helper City Hall. Yards that are noticed by members of the community may also be nominated.

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