Proceedings Continue for Price Man After Threatening Officers


Upon being arrested in February earlier this year, Price resident Jimmy Jack Olson appeared in the Seventh District Court Monday morning on a variety of charges.

Olson was arrested in February after officials were dispatched to a Price residence where Olson was allegedly out of control and in what appeared to be a drug-induced psychosis, according to information from Price City Police Department.

Arriving at the residence, the responding officers managed to arrest Olson after a physical struggle.

Olson appeared on charges for possessing a dangerous weapon, which were reported in February as being a pair of kitchen shears, and two counts of aggravated assault, both third-degree felonies.

Charges also included a Class A misdemeanor for possession or use of a controlled substance, two counts of domestic violence in the presence of a child (Class B misdemeanors) as well as interfering with an arresting officer and intoxication, a Class B and C misdemeanor, respectively.

According to information from the Carbon County Attorney’s Office, Olson is already serving prison time in Idaho and perhaps in Utah as well. Olson reported that he was released from the Idaho prison, and the Carbon County’s Attorney Office responded by working on a disposition to dismiss roughly half of the charges to ensure that certain aspects of the case would be taken into consideration when evaluating Olson’s parole.

Olson, however, has reportedly refused the offer. In light of the refusal, a preliminary hearing is currently in the works for further proceedings.

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