Proceedings for Peterson Pushed Back


Seth Gordon Peterson appeared in the Seventh District Court in Price Tuesday morning for further proceedings after a double homicide case in November of last year.

Peterson was represented by Attorney Rudy Bautista, who traveled from out of the area for the day’s procedures.

Jeremy Humes, who is representing the state of Utah in the case, spoke to the court about information he had sent to the capital council and asked that time be given for the court to review it.  Petersen has been charged with aggravated murder for the death of his mother and brother, which in the State of Utah is a crime punishable by death.

Bautista also spoke of his desire to stay on the case as capital punishment is a possibility. He also spoke of a colleague present with him whom he desired be appointed as co-chair for the case.

Judge George Harmond moved at the end of the proceedings to continue the hearing to Jan. 17 at 9 a.m. He also ordered that Bautista continue as Petersen’s counsel.

“I want to get this thing moving along,” Judge Harmond said.

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