Progress Underway on Wellington OHV Trails


Former Wellington City Mayor Joan Powell has taken on the role of being the project manager for the Wellington OHV Trail. This trail is going to be a two-mile stretch of off-road trails that will give access to the city’s pond as well as an impressive amount of other trails. The trail will be found at the back end of the Knight-Ideal Pond.

“It’s going to open so many doors,” Powell said.

Powell shared that, with the trail, riders will be able to access Jurassic National Monument, the Price River, the Marsing Ranch Overlook and more. This trail is possible thanks to assistance from Utah State Parks and generous businesses providing essential materials.

The financial assistance came in the form of a Fiscal Incentive Grant (FIG). Last year, a member of the Wellington City Council applied for the FIG grant and the project was awarded $12,500.

The trails will be on the outskirts of property and Powell wanted to fence the trails to ensure that people would not wander onto private property, prompting her to use some of the funding for fencing. She also remarked that they will likely seek additional FIG money.

Local volunteers are also assisting with digging and other manual labor on the trails, which are set to be accomplished before the end of the year.

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