Project of Love: Book Cliff Elementary Celebrates New Expansion


By Robin Hunt

On Tuesday, Green River’s Book Cliff Elementary cut the ribbon for the highly-anticipated expansion to the school. For the past several months, Book Cliff Elementary (BCE) has been under construction to make some necessary expansions to the school. Part of these expansions include two new classrooms, a work room for the teachers and improvements to the existing library. 

“I’m amazed,” said Gaylene Erwin, BCE principal. “Something that I drew on paper is actually here.” 

“We are really, really excited about this,” Jackie Allred, Emery County School District Business Administrator, stated. “This is something we have been waiting for for years.” 

The roof of the entire building has been redone and there have been new skylights added to the library. There are new basketball hoops, a new swing area and swings, as well as two new classrooms and a work room. 

“Huge thank you to all you teachers,” Erwin said. “I think we are onto plan C now? So, I really appreciate you being here.” 

Each of the new classrooms has an interactive television. The work room has space for all the teachers’ copying needs and much more for the teachers’ prep use. 

“We wanted to celebrate this,” continued Allred. “This is one of the projects I, personally, have been so excited about. I have to give kudos to Gaylene and all the teachers for handling the extra challenges of being under construction. It really has been a project of love.” 

After the ribbon cutting for the new expansion, families joined district and BCE staff in the cafeteria where Principal Gaylene Erwin addressed them. She spoke of their theme: “The road to success is always under construction.”  

After her words, families were able to apply for Chromebooks, meaning that the students will be able to take a computer home with them to do their school work. Following this, families toured the new expansion. 

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