Projection, Protection and Production For Emery School Board


By Julie Johansen

Vice President Marie Johnson called the Emery School Board Meeting to order at Cottonwood Elementary on Wednesday, Dec. 1. Members Tracey Johnson and Todd Huntington were excused from the meeting. Following the opening for the meeting, Trent Huntsman from Westland Construction gave an update on the Ferron Elementary and Emery High School construction.

He reported that the schedule is running close to original plans, even with the limited supply demands. The Emery High Field House is half enclosed and Mechanical Electric Plumbing is being installed. The infield dirt for the baseball and softball fields are 75% complete, while the tennis courts are graded and the south one is poured. The whole project is 75% completed. Ferron Elementary is 28% compete with masonry work over half finished. Steel joist and deck is scheduled to arrive within the week, which has been a long lead item.

Superintendent Ryan Maughan presented names for hire for the board’s approval: Kaden Service, Half-day Custodian at Canyon View Middle School; Anniston Curtis, Land Trust Aide at San Rafael Middle School; Candice Cravens, Facilitator at Green River High. The names were all approved subject to the completion and review of background checks.

CVMS Principal Jenny Gagon presented a Land Trust amendment. In the original plans, the funding had been designated for additional pay to teachers for teaching extra classes. The amendment moves funding to purchase books, software and provide professional development for core classes and extension field trip opportunities. The amendment was approved. Roger Swenson, Transportation Director, presented a proposal of purchasing buses before the first of the year to avoid an 11% cost increase. He purposed to buy two buses from the general approved budget and one bus from Rural Transportation Grant funding. The proposal was approved by the board.

Emery Telcom’s $22,000 will be added to additional funding from JN Auto for a scoreboard for the soccer/football field at Emery High. This will be on next month’s agenda. Cottonwood Principal John Hughes had pre-recorded a message to the board as he was unable to attend the meeting. He reports that the focus for the school is math and phonic blocks through intense group learning and that a kindness chart is marked weekly. Their main focus is student-centered teaching, which is also part of their vision statement. One of his concerns is the number health related absences.

Supt. Maughan expressed his gratitude to all district employees for making school happen. J. R. Jones, Elementary Supervisor, thanked Janet Tuttle for filling in when Principal Hughes is absent. He expressed his appreciation to Principal Hughes for prioritizing student and teacher success any way he can that will help them grow. Jones said,”Hughes expects a lot of his teachers, but more of himself.”

Jeneane Warren, District Food Services Director said School Food Services, is not immune to the supply shortage for equipment and food. Paper services have increased in cost four to five times in the last six months, causing them to order reusable trays to keep the services continuing. Warren has been aggressive in purchasing commodities and food, keeping them available in the warehouse. Health inspections have been completed for all schools, all of whom received an excellent mark.

Doug Johnson, Technical Director for the Emery District, reported that chrome book distribution is continuing and expanding to each student. Jackie Allred thanked the maintenance crew for their work in fixing the complete sewer clog at Ferron Elementary, allowing school to remain in session.

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