Projects Aim to Improve Man-La Sal National Forest


Photos courtesy of Manti Happenings

The recent Manti Happenings monthly newsletter outlined projects that have been taking place during the fall in the north zone, specifically the Price, Ferron and Sanpete districts.

The newsletter began by explaining that despite the distraction of year-end reporting, the north zone recreation crew was successful in completing several of these projects, including five new picnic tables that were installed at the Bridges Campground. This was done by Forest Service personnel.

Additionally, a highly successful volunteer day was hosted with more than 50 participants from the Joe’s Valley Bouldering Festival who packed in treated timbers in order to construct a retaining wall at the base of a bouldering site in Dairy Canyon. Recreation staff was able to provide on-site guidance while hauling in gravel to the road for sustainable access to the site.

Projects continued as new signs for the Arapeen OHV Trail kiosks were installed, now located at all lower elevation staging areas. High elevation signs are expected to be installed next spring.

Furthermore, crews worked to install a gas heater and sink in the Indian Creek Guard Station while also finishing winterization of the rental cabins before the snow arrived. Employees then focused on improving trails in the Muddy Creek Drainage as well as between Huntington Reservoir and Skyline Drive.

It was stated that staff had to clean up stumps throughout Huntington Canyon as many firewood cutters have been leaving stumps too high, which takes away from the aesthetics of the scenic drive. A reminder was given that stumps should be no more than 12 inches from the ground and a full list of rules and regulations can be found here.

The newsletter concluded with a thank you to the seasonal workers, interns, volunteers and partners that have worked to accomplish a great amount of work each season, stating that these contributions make all the difference.

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