Protect America’s Rock Climbing Act Introduced


On March 7, Utah Representative John Curtis and Colorado Representative Joe Neguse introduced the Protect America’s Rock Climbing (PARC) Act. This is legislation that will work to ensure responsible access to rock climbing in designated areas.

It was stated that this is an activity that dated back to its creation in the Wilderness Act of 1964, and is majorly relevant in the West, where nearly 100% of federally-managed lands are located.

Representative Curtis stated that in Utah, recreation on public lands is a large and ever-growing industry. Congressman Neguse followed by saying that Colorado’s natural areas are home to some of the most renowned rock climbing locations. This has led to a desire to protect climbers and the space in which they recreate by requiring additional agency guidance.

“I am thankful to Rep. Curtis for his continued partnership in our efforts to bolster outdoor recreation, and am glad to join him in introducing this legislation,” Congressman Neguse shared.

Access Fund Executive Director Chris Winter also chimed in on the subject, stating that their core mission is to protect America’s climbing. He expressed excitement over helping craft and support a new bill that would do that, before stating that the leadership of the representatives give an opportunity to protect wilderness climbing.

Further, the legislation would reiterate the intent for climbing to be an activity allowable and compatible with wilderness designations. It would require public notice and comment before taking any significant action related to climbing access. Finally, the legislation would ensure emergency authority for agencies to take time-sensitive actions to protect natural resources, public health and safety.

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