PSA: Price City Police Department Warns Citizens to Keep Their Cars Locked Following Series of Burglaries


By Kelcy Faimalo

Over the past two weeks, there have been a series of vehicular burglaries in the general Price area.

The Price City Police Department is urging citizens to be aware of their cars and to make sure they keep their vehicles locked and secure.

Recently, six cars in the area have been broken into and burglarized. According to Sgt. Tracy Allred, the suspects are opportunists.

“They go along the street and try car handles, searching for the ones left unlocked, and in every incident, they’ve taken whatever they could find,” Allred said.

Price City Police officers are currently pursuing a lead they have received from credible sources. But, in the meantime, Sgt. Allred warns residents to be smart and avoid becoming a victim.

Sgt. Allred advises to park in well-lit areas and to trim bushes and hedges around those parking spaces. Do not forget to remove anything of value from your vehicle, or at the very least, conceal it. Above all else, keep your car doors locked.

“If you hear a dog barking in the middle of the night, or other suspicious noises, go investigate,” Allred said. “The majority of cases like this are solved based on citizen tips.”

More information will be posted about these cases as it becomes available.


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