PT3 and Carbon Rec Tumblers Take Part in Meet


The last meet of the year for Pineau’s Tumbling and Trampoline Team (PT3) and the Carbon County Recreation team took place on March 13. Grace Simms, Zachary Simms, Jaycee Peterson, Gianna Valdez, Brailee Peterson, Danna Rios, Kelsie Gray, Cady Malolo and Gabrielle Parker all took first place in the competition.

Hadley Richardson, Nicole Mortensen, Kelzie Christensen, Jaydon Peterson, Brylei Velasquez, Naomi Mathis, Ben Simms, Rickelle Collins and MaKenna Payton all nabbed second place. In third place was Cayde Richardson, Tayleigh Hofine, Lauren Wenger, Indie Pikyavit, Parker Habdas and Tabitha Wilson. Finally, Lydia Mortensen earned fourth place.

Following this meet, both teams were going to take part in the state competition that was scheduled at the end of April in Mesquite. However, due to COVID-19 restrictions, the meet has been postponed. Tumbling classes are at a standstill as well. The public is asked to keep an eye on the PT3 Facebook page for updates and information regarding classes as well as when the meet will be rescheduled.

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