PT3 Athletes Take On Winter Competitions


Kashley Rhodes of PT3 takes first on the podium in Payson. 

A competition in Helper saw many members of PT3 taking home medals in early November. The competition was hosted by Carbon County Recreation along with the help of various sponsors.

Athletes earned the following medals in power tumbling, trampoline and double mini trampoline:

Skyler Oveson 111
Alma Smith 112
Grace Simms 112
Rickelle Collins 112
Naomi Mathis 112
Josie Vea 113
Tylee Jensen 113
MacKenna Payton 115
Audacee Eden 122
Jaycie Rigby 123
Tawni Hicks 123
Brittaney Longmore 123
Indie Pikyavit 124
Brilyn Prettyman 124
Kadence Vea 147
Mersadie Oveson 222
Kambry Iriart 233
Loyal Martinez 333
Kashley Rhodes 336
Marisa Oveson 435

Shylo Braby, Armani Tello, Abigail Flemett, Braquae Marvidakis, Gabrial Alls, Ava Braby and Brailee Peterson each earned first place honors.

Jaydan Peterson, Marley Brereton, Brylei Velasquez, Ava Brinkley and Jaycee Peterson each earned second place.

A number of athletes from PT3 also competed on Dec. 9, that time in Payson. The following competitors traveled to the meet with the following results:

Audacee Eden 112
Gabby Alls 122
Indie Pikyavit 134
Tylee Jensen 125
MacKenna Payton 126
Rickelle Collins 233
Naomi Mathis 233
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