PT3 Competes in Helper

Pineau’s Tumbling and Trampoline Team competed in Helper on Jan. 2.
Sienna Alderson from High Altitude earned first place in the competition. Flare Cheer competitors were Audacee Edan (first) and Braquae Marvidakis.
From Pineau’s Tumbling and Trampoline Team, first place medals were awarded to Jaycee Peterson, Mackenna Paton, Ava Blanton, Tylee Jensen and Marisa Oveson (pictured). Second place honors went to Shilah Blanton, Hyrum Oveson, Jayliegh Madrid, Hallie Frandsen, Brooklyn Martinez, Jace Frandsen and Brailee Petersen. Mersadie Oveson, Skylar Oveson and Naomi Mathis all took home third place medals and Tyler Frandsen finished with a fourth place medal.
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