PT3 Competes in In-House Meet


Pictured: Nolan Nielsen and Brooklyn Urbanik

Pineau’s Tumbling and Trampoline Team continued the 2018 year by competing in an in-house meet that took place on Saturday, March 3 in Helper. During this competition, all three event scores were combined to create an overall score for the competitors.

Placing first was Keith Randall, Brittaney Longmore, Brooklyn Urbanik, Collin Dimick, Gabby Alls, Angel Salama, Malia Smith, Dustey Prettyman and Ivy Shannon-Marshall.

Second place finishers were Harley Monson, Abby Flemett, Tylee Jensen, MacKenna Payton, Brylei Velasquez, TC Flemett, Mikelle Salama and Nolan Nielsen.

Third place was awarded to Naomi Smith and David Samples while Ava Braby finished the competition in fourth place.


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