PT3 Does Well at State Competition


Press Release

PT3 athletes competed at a state meet on Saturday in Fillmore.

Placing at state were Kashley Rhodes, Lainee Vasquez and Haylie Powell.

First place finishers were Kobe Cruz, Keira Davis, Brailee Peterson, Kelli Rauhala, Lexi Rauhala, Sage Vea and Nevaeh Whiting.

Finishing in second place were Jenna Birch, Landon Cruz, Jean Larsen, Shalyce Rauhala, Brooklyn Seal, Kadence Vea and Josi Vea.

Third place finishes include Ella Anderson, Brooklynn Martinez and Stevie Oman.

PT3 also received five team awards as follows:

1st – Trampoline Level 3

1st – Trampoline Level 4

2nd – Trampoline Level 5

2nd – Power Tumbling Level 5

4th – Trampoline Level 5

PT3 is coached by Pineau Nielsen and Sandra Rauhala. The local judge at the competition was Canessa Montoya.


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