PT3 Hosts Last Meet of Season, Walks Away Victorious


Pictured: SayDee Johnson and Haylie Powell perform on the trampoline, the duo took first in a synchronized trampoline competition at PT3’s final meet of the season on Dec. 30.

In their last meet of the season, Pineau’s Tumbling & Trampoline Team had various victories on Dec. 30 in Helper.

Jaycee Peterson, KenZee Johnson, Caidy Oliver and Ava Braby brought home first-place victories at the meet. Shyloh Braby, Brylei Velasquez, Haylee Gibson, Kadence Vea and Riylee Johnson each placed second.

At a synchronized trampoline competition, also hosted at the meet, the duo of SayDee Johnson and Haylie Powell walked away with first while Riylee Johnson and Emjae Adair, from Studio Gym Spinners in Huntington, took second. Third place honors went to Kadence Vea and Brailee Peterson.

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