PT3 Hosts Last Meet of the Season


Left to right: Jennifer Gurule, Lecia Gurule, Amanda Ruiz, Nessah Gurule.

Press Release

Pineau’s Tumbling and Trampoline Team hosted its last meet of the season on May 16 in Helper. The competitors also competed in a strength and agility contest. 

Receiving two first place awards were Gracie Salas, Merissa Oveson, Avy Atwood, Amanda Ruiz and Nessah Gurule.

1st and 2nd place: Keira Davis, Kadence Bradley, Hallie Frandsen, Jennifer Gurule, Skyler Oveson, Lecia Gurule

1st and 3rd place: Brooklyn Seal, Berlynn Paletta, Zeidy Rios, Ashby Atwood.

1st and 4th place: Jace Frandsen

2nd and 2nd – Tylee Jensen, Rickelle Collins, Lincoln Atwood, Mersadie Oveson

2nd and 3rd – Tyler Frandsen, Dana Rios

2nd and 4th – Macy Jensen, Brooklyn Martinez

3rd and 3rd – Nataly Martinez, Nevaeh Romero

3rd and 4th – Naomi Mathis, Nevaeh Whiting, Brynli Bishop

4th and 4th – Daryn Bishop

Local judges were Canessa Montoya, RaKayla Rich and Sierra Jensen. Scorekeeper was Granger West.

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