PT3 Members Tumble Their Way Through the Summer Games


The Pineau’s Tumbling and Trampoline Team (PT3) competed at the summer games that took place on June 15. During this event, PT3 competed against Utah, Nevada and Idaho teams.

Coaching staff from PT3 stated that the team braved rain and thunder for the opening ceremonies that ended in a Plain White T’s concert and fireworks. The coaches expressed that the girls showed great sportsmanship for being on summer break.

Audacee Eden took fourth, second and first while Mackenna Payton came in at second, third and fifth. Ella Anderson ended in second, third and fourth with Brilyn Prettyman ranking in first, three times. Dustey Prettyman took first, second and fifth followed by Indie Pikyavit with one second place and two first place finishes.

Rickelle Collins received two first place honors and a second place while Makayla Pugliese ended with first, third and fourth. Finishing out the scoring for the competition was Faithlynn McBride, who took one first place spot and two second place finishes. Tylee Jonson took first, fourth and third and Makayla Pugliese scored first, second and fourth.

“They did really great. We are proud,” concluded the coaching staff.

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