PT3 Scores Big in Payson


Pictured: Jaycee Peterson of PT3 receives her second-place award at the team’s recent meet in Payson. Peterson also received two first-place awards at the recent competition. Photo courtesy of PT3.

The young athletes as part of Pineau’s Tumbling and Trampoline Team recently traveled to Payson on Dec. 3 to compete against other athletes and walked away victorious.

Jaycee Peterson walked away with two first-place finishes and a second. Teammates Aubrey Vigor and Brailee Peterson each notched two first-place finishes and a third-place finish as well.

Jordyn Pierce managed to walk away with a first and two seconds while Skyler Oveson and Hyrum Oveson both scored a first-place finish, in addition to a second and third.

Brooklyn Martinez scored a first, third and fourth. Kashley Rhodes walked away with a first, fourth and ninth-place finish. MacKenna Payton scored two second-place finishes as well as a sixth. Mersadie Oveson finished with a third-place finish in addition to a fifth and seventh. Marisa Oveson managed to grab a fifth, sixth and tenth-place finish.

The athletes are coached by Pineau Nielsen, Melanie Oveson, Tabitha Peterson and Trinity Jackson.

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