PT3 Team Hosts Meet, Walk Away With Victories


Pictured: Tylee Jensen (left) and Kenidee Gunter (right) celebrate their victories. Photo courtesy of PT3

While at March’s meet, local members of Pineau’s Tumbling and Trampoline Team walked away with several victories.

MacKenna Payton, Tylee Jensen, Kashley Rhodes and Rickelle Collins placed first in trampoline, double-mini trampoline and power tumbling. Naomi Mathis placed second in the same events.

Shiloh Braby, Naomi Smith, Remington Prettyman, Ava Braby and Kenidee Gunter, members of Pineau’s Tumbling Bees, also placed first in the events. Fellow Bees Nessah Gurule, Benjamin Sims, Izabelle Prettyman, Maleo Smith, Adison Bisop and Jennifer Gurule brought home second-place finishes. Zachary Sims, Chelsea Bishop, Stevie Gutierrez, Colin Bishop and Cedric Parish also fought hard and brought home third-place honors.

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