PT3 Travels to Huntington for Spring Meet


Pineau’s Tumbling and Trampoline Team (PT3) continued the competition season with a meet in Huntington on March 17. The cross-county meet saw success for many PT3 competitors.

Results from the meet in Huntington can be found below.

Harley Monson 111
Jaycee Rigby 111
Ashdyn Densley 111
Brittaney Longmore 112
Rickelle Collins 112 (Pictured)
Tylee Jensen 113
Shaelee Johnson 113
Keith Randall 122
Indie Pikyavit 127
Kambryn Iriart 135
Audaee Eden 136
Mackenna Payton 145
Kashley Rhodes 146
Naomi Mathis 223
Grace Simms 223
Ember Densley 224
Clair Nelson 234
Gabby Alls 334
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