PT3 Travels to Fillmore for Season Opener


Pineau’s Tumbling and Trampoline (PT3) traveled to Fillmore for the first meet of the season on Nov. 12. Ben Axlegard and Rowan Iverson both secured three first-place finishes, while Jordyn Pierce, Jerix Ballard, Berlynn Axlegard and Mackenna Payton all received first, first and second places.

Emmalynn Turner secured first, second and third while Mikelle Slama received first, third and fifth. Indie Pikavit ranked first, third and seventh. The placements continued for PT3 with Tabitha Wilson and Henacee Sanchez both receiving second, third and fourth, and Alissa Collins placing second, third and fifth.

Ryanna Pantelakis earned second, fourth and fifth while Autymn Collins secured second, fifth and fifth. Finally, Angel Slama earned fourth, fifth and sixth places. PT3 is coached by Pineau Nielson, Trinity Payton and Tayleigh.

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