PT3 Travels to Salina Competition


Pineau’s Tumbling and Trampoline team (PT3) traveled to Salina on Jan. 21 for a competition that was hosted at Salina High School.

Both Easton Higgs and Luxx D’Ambrosio received three first place awards, while Ryanna Pantelakis and Jordyn Pearce each earned first, first and second place. PT3 continued scoring with Jaxx D’Ambrosio earning first, second and third, while Charlie Higgs took first, second and fifth.

Jaydexx D’Ambrosio earned first, second and sixth, and Perry Mitchell received three second place spots. Isabella Chastin took second, second and third while Mackenna Payton earned second, third and fourth.

Finally, Grace Hardy took second, fourth and sixth, and Indie Pikyavit earned third, third and seventh place.

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