PT3 Travels to the Utah Summer Games


Photo courtesy of Trinity Payton

The gymnasts on Pineau’s Tumbling and Trampoline Team have returned from competing in the Utah Summer Games.

It was stated that the opening ceremonies were great this year, with a concert, fireworks and Thurl Bailey running the torch to light the flame in honor of Mark Eton.

The team placed in power tumbling, double-mini trampoline and trampoline. Tylee Jensen, Tayliegh Hofine and Jaydexx D’Ambrosio each received three first place honors while Indie Pikyavit placed first, first and second. Gabriella Baker placed first, first and third while MacKenna Payton received three second place honors.

Those that wish to participate in the Utah Summer Games next year may contact Pineau or Trinity Payton. Pineau’s Tumbling and Trampoline can be followed on Facebook for more information here.

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