Public Archery Shoot Will Be Postponed


Division of Wildlife Resources Press Release

For the past month, the Division of Wildlife Resources and its partners, the North Springs Archery Club and Carbon County Recreation, have planned to co-sponsor a free public archery shoot on Friday, Feb. 27 from 4-8 p.m. at the Carbon County Fairgrounds Special Events Center. Unfortunately, this public shoot will have to be postponed.

Initially, co-sponsors believed public response would be light, which would allow the North Springs Archery Club to proceed with a league shoot that had been planned several months in advance. However, as advertisement and public awareness broadened, it became evident that there was much more public interest than was formerly anticipated. The inflow of public shooters would have required the archery club to rearrange their competition schedule that had been planned months in advance. There simply wouldn’t be enough space to accommodate both events.

For that reason, co-sponsors decided to postpone the public shoot to a date and time when no other use of the special events center had been scheduled. This would allow the co-sponsors to devote exclusive attention to the public. More personal attention could be given to beginners and those who still need a little coaching. Because all shooting lanes would be open, more shooters could be accommodated. They could enjoy a longer time at the range and a higher quality experience.

If you planned on attending the public shoot on Friday, Feb. 27, and would like to be notified of the new date once it has been scheduled, please contact Brent Stettler at the Division of Wildlife Resources office in Price at 613-3707 or He will make sure you are called or emailed in well in advance of the next scheduled event.

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