Public Comment for the Manti-La Sal Forest Plan Revision Now Being Accepted


Throughout the months of October and November, the Manti-La Sal National Forest plans to engage the public on the forest plan revision efforts through means of virtual workshops.

It was reported that the draft forest plan and associated scoping documents became available for public review on Oct. 1, with the information being presented in a descriptive story with links, photos and maps. In addition to viewing the draft plan through the story map and workshops, the public has also be given the opportunity to submit comments to the Forest Service.

There are three different options for individuals to submit comments. The preferred method has been listed as electronically, through the link provided on the Manti-La Sal National Forest website. The public is also invited to mail in a hard copy of comments or submit them through email. The link for all three submissions may be found on the website.

Continued public engagement, the Forest Service explained, will strengthen the forest plan. Forest Service employees have worked diligently to present a worthwhile draft and are excited to put it out for the public to view. Forest plan revision team members will work to conduct comment analysis, which is where they address and respond to the comments submitted.

The comment analysis conduct will take place after the official scoping has closed. That date is unknown at this time but will be forthcoming.

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