Public Hearing Hosted Regarding Scofield Campsite Subdivision


A public hearing took place at the recent Carbon County Commission meeting in order to receive community input regarding a petition for the county vacating the roads of the campsite subdivision located in Scofield.

The commissioners were informed that several dozen letters have been received that are in support of this action. Representing the community, the attorney for the Scofield Reservoir Campsite Corporation spoke directly the commissioners and attendees. He informed all that this is a subdivision on the shores of the reservoir that has been in place since the 1960s.

The purpose for the hearing was for the commission to review whether a good cause exists for vacating the roads. Also, to be sure of whether or not the public or a person would be harmed with this happening.

An attorney that was representing property owner Brian Brown then spoke. He stated that the subdivision occurred by the county and that it was specifically stated at that time that they were public roadways. Nearly 20 years later, an invalid deed was procured that took away the public statement. During the meeting, it had not yet been answered by the judge handling the case whether or not there is an easement, according to Brown’s attorney.

Brown is in hopes that the county will take responsibility over the roads in the subdivision. However, there were many residents in attendance at the meeting who are opposed to having the county take over and would prefer the vacation on the roadways.

“It’s paradise; I grew up in paradise and I want it to remain paradise,” homeowner Robert Potts stated.

Arguments for the vacation being positive were that property lines would be interrupted, snow being plowed would cause obstructions and that not a single person that has ever tried to access the area has ever been denied.

Commissioner Jae Potter favored granting the request to vacate. However, Commissioner Jake Mellor deemed it necessary to investigate further and look into both sides of the issue. Seconded by Commissioner Casey Hopes, the decision was made to not deny or grant the request at the meeting. Instead, it will be looked into and presented once more at the commission meeting that it slated to take place on February 15.


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