Public Lands Council Readies New Bill Proposal


TheВ Emery CountyВ Public LandsВ Council met Tuesday to consider and recommend land use legislation to the Emery County Commission.

The Council also listened to reports and comments, including a presentation from a Washington Delegation staff member from Sen. Mike Lee’s office.

Reports indicated the Governor’s office plans to introduce a lands bill at an upcoming special legislative session. They also indicated concerns that Sen. Lee is stalling on local land issues are overblown.

“I don’t anticipate any problems; I really don’t,” Lee’s staff member said. “You have to understand the way Senator Lee thinks; its about the constitutional process, its about preserving the State’s role in the Federal Government interaction, so I don’t think its anything personal against Emery County.”

The Public Lands Council would like to host public meetings in Ferron, Castle Dale, Huntington and Green River to inform the public of the final bill before they take it to the legislature.

A DWR representative reportedВ on Joe’s Valley and Huntington Reservoirs.

Joe’s Valley is picking up as a fishery, and the DWR would like to see more use of the reservoir. The fish are currently combating cold temperatures by swimming close to the shore.

Huntington Reservoir has an overabundance of crawdads that are causing problems with local irrigation. The crawdads are getting caught in sprinkler heads and breaking lines.

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