Qualifying Runs Down in Number at Duchesne


ETV News stock photo by Dusty Butler

By Julie Johansen

Due to the pandemic and different areas begin restricted, both Grantsville and Lehi hosted their high school rodeos in Duchesne on Sept. 18 and 19.

Those placing in the top ten on Friday at Grantsville’s rodeo were Abbie McElprang, sixth in breakaway, and Byron Christiansen and Zeek Weber, eighth and 10th, respectively, in reining cow horse. In the shooting sports, Emery’s Ryter Ekker was seventh while Carbon’s Kashley Rhodes and Shalako Gunter were eighth and 10th in the light rifle competition. In trap shooting, Gunter was second and Ruger Payne finished fourth.

On Saturday at the Lehi rodeo, Cole Magnuson was 10th in tie down roping. Other top ten placers were Ryter Ekker in fourth and Carbon’s Gunter in ninth in the light rifle competition. In the trap shoot, Gunter tied for second and Payne was sixth.

The junior high shooting competition was hosted at the same time as the high school. At the Grantsville rodeo, Kyle Ekker earned third, Wyatt Fox took seventh, Haylen Willis finished eighth and Robert Thomas took 10th in the light rifle. Kyle Ekker finished third, Wyatt Fox sixth, Tyson Thomas eighth and Haylen Willis 10th in the light rifle competition hosted by the Lehi team.

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