Questions Surround Carbon Soccer


ETV News stock photo by Jeff Barrett

With every new season, there comes a renewed opportunity. That is one of the beautiful aspects of sports; every team enters the year on a level playing field. Squads all start off with a 0-0 record and have to earn respect through their execution. Along with the restoration of optimism a new season brings, there are also a number of questions to be answered. Such as “How will the players perform as a whole,” “What is the identity of the team,” “How will the team fare among its competition,” etc.

There are seemingly more questions to answer for the Carbon Dinos soccer team as this new season approaches. The Dinos have moved into Region 12 with the likes of Emery, Grand and Richfield. Richfield and Emery appear to be the top competition in the region. Grand traditionally has a good program but lost a number of quality players from last year’s region championship team. San Juan is entering the region as well with a young program, leaving few to know what to expect from the Broncos.

The one constant for Carbon is that Chad Cowdell is returning for another year as head coach. The Dinos finished with a 4-12-2 record in 2019 and hope to make great strides this year. If Carbon can put its pieces together, the Dinos could compete for a region title. But then again, that is just one more question that the Dinos will need to answer.

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